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Purveyors of fine quality fresh fish
  • Daily Deliveries

    The Lobster Pot has daily deliveries from day boats fishing off Cornwall.

  • Delicious and good for you

    Fish and shellfish don't just taste great - they're high in essential oils and low in fat.

  • Not just for Fridays

    Fish and shellfish is great every day - why not start by eating fresh fish once a week.

  • Here to help

    If you're not sure about anything or just need help choosing, we're always here.

  • Pushing the boat out

    If you are having a dinner party or just want something special, ask in advance and we'll order it up.

  • Plenty of choice

    Our fish is brought in daily so it's always worth dropping in to see what's on offer.

Fresh fish and shellfish delivered daily from Cornwall to assure the best quality and freshness.

The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot Fishmongers has two shops, one situated on the A4 in Hungerford, West Berkshire at Cobbs Farmshop and Kitchen, and another at Wood Street Food Hall in Old Town, Swindon.

Lobster Pot at Cobbs: Open 09.00-17.30 Tuesday to Saturday

Lobster Pot at Wood Street: Open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09.00-18:00

Friday 08:00-18:00, Saturday 08:00-17:00, 

We have an uncompromising attitude towards our fish; it has to be fresh and of the highest quality...in fact, our fish is so fresh that you’d think you were at the seaside!

Simon, who was previously a chef at the Pear Tree at Purton as well as The Connaught in London, runs the fish counter, which is stocked daily with fish delivered from Newlyn. The fish are caught on day boats, making it as fresh from the sea as possible and usually delivered the morning after being caught. It means the fish is certified as responsibly sourced as well as being sustainable and supporting UK fishing.

Simon says "Supermarkets use trawlers to catch their fish and then freeze at sea in order to last the week or so before coming back to land reduces the quality significantly."   

We regularly have on display Wild Sea Bass, Lemon Soles, Red Mullet, Squid, Hake, line caught Mackerel, Wild Turbot, Brill, Monktail, Cod, Haddock and premium Scottish Salmon to name but a few. Why not give the shop a call for this week’s catch or better still pop in to see what's on offer.

We also have available shellfish such as Mussels, Clams (Razors and Palourdes), Lobsters, Crabs, and Crevettes as well as finest quality Scottish Smoked Salmon, Cod’s Roe etc., and not forgetting our superb homemade fishcakes which are proving extremely popular.

So, need inspiration for dinner or advice on the health benefits of eating fish? Then why not pop in and speak with us - we are passionate about fish!